Manicures transform hands with pampering treatments, softening skin, shaping nails, and applying beautiful polish. Enhancements extend your nails with acrylics or gels, creating endless possibilities for length, strength, and dazzling designs. Unleash your personal style and boost your confidence, one fingertip at a time!
This is the essential product for a classic natural-looking nail enhancement. Mani•Q Fiber Gel + Keratin applies effortlessly and self-levels. Create a beautiful manicure with almost two weeks of extended wear because of incredible adhesion. Ideal for anyone interested in a bonus layer of protection for natural nails in transition.
Hard gel enhancements aren’t just for length! This chip-resistant formula strengthens and protects natural nails, promoting healthy growth while preventing breakage. Enjoy weeks of flawless color and worry-free nails, perfect for active lifestyles and those seeking added durability without compromising on beauty.

Putting the "Care" back into Nails & Skin

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